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• Horticulture & Gardens
• Camping & Survival
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FixGrip offers users a simple, fast and effective means of creating fixing points without the need for tools or special skills – FixGrip is based on the unbeatable 'wedge' principle, hence 'the heavier the load the tighter the grip'.

FixGrip offers users a realistic alternative to the traditional eyelet with the advantage of being
reusable and in most cases, with much greater resistance to failure.

FixGrip clips perform equally well on hemmed or on non hemmed fabric.

Theatre & Film
If you need to stretch, secure or hang different
types of fabrics, there’s help at hand. No more improvising with bits of ....

Banners & Signs
FixGrip instant clip-on eyelets eliminate the need
for hems and traditional eyelets! Perfect for the
digital signmaker or to simplify banner mounting.
Marine & Boating
For mariners there's either too much wind or not enough and when the wind blows it certainly seems to find all those weaknesses in covers and canvass fittings.
Horticulture & Gardens
The gardening and horticulture sector use a myriad of different types of 'sheeting' - FixGrip clip-ons offer the commercial and home user the perfect medium for securing, repairing and constructing.
Camping & Survival
When weather conditions are bad, replacing broken eyelets the traditional way is almost impossible.
General uses
FixGrip is a relatively new innovation and we know
that there must be 100's of other uses we haven't
even though of yet.


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